Who we are.

We have more than 60 years’ “hands on” experience solely in Trade Finance, Invoice Finance and cash flow solutions for businesses. Any size of business no matter how big or small, including Sole Traders.

We are a professional intermediary firm working with virtually all the leading Trade Finance houses and Invoice Finance companies. We know the market – we have lived and breathed it for many years! It’s in our blood! We know about Cross Border Trade equally as well as UK domestic trade.

We specialise in all types of UK Invoice Finance and Cross Border Import/Export “Open Account Trade Finance” – no LC’s here! The LC is dead – 95% are discrepant! Did you know that? – and this means they are not worth one Cent! We prefer to arrange Trade Finance on Open Account Terms (No LC) – it’s much more flexible and does not tie up cash resources for Buyers. No bank facilities needed doing it our way! It’s all less expensive.

We finance Export/Import Trade deals where the Factory/Supplier and the Buyer are NOT based in the UK and they are both in different countries (almost always are). For example – a Factory making garments in India or Turkey selling to a Buyer in USA, EU or any mature market – the goods and the parties have nothing whatsoever to do with the UK – apart from us!

In the above examples, NO COLLATERAL is required – nor for any of our Open Account Trade Finance or Invoice Finance credit lines.

For Factories/Sellers this enables you to increase your sales/trade on Open Account Terms (No LC required – you get paid at BL/Shipment Date) and for the Buyer they enjoy extended Credit on Open Account terms without using any of their bank credit lines.

Please talk with us and see how we can assist you.

How we work.

1 Submit Application

Once you've provided the minimal required information, we quickly assess the suitability of your business. We give quick turnaround on applications and always look at every aspect of your business to try and guarantee funding.

2 Get Funded

We finance money owed to you. This is not taking out a loan, you are simply getting money owed to you from customers. Your Customer then pays us.

3Grow your Business.

Not waiting for invoices to be paid gives your business better cash flow, as you have more readily available capital earlier. With this you can pay off suppliers earlier, buy more stock/inventory at lower costs and have the cash to employ additional staff to generate more business.