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12th July 2024

+44 (0)800 612 7049

About Us

The Growth-Finance team of experts have decades of “hands on” experience in understanding and arranging cash-flow solutions for all sizes of businesses, no matter the size, including Sole Traders and Partnerships. Whilst we are a UK business, our focus is not only UK based clients, as we help find solutions for businesses located all around the world. Our Head Office team is based near to London and we have consultants in several other countries in USA, SE Asia, India, China, Russia and CIS Countries (former Soviet States).

Growth-Finance is a professional intermediary firm working with virtually all the leading Trade Finance Houses and Invoice Finance providers. We know the market – we have lived and breathed it for many years! It’s in our blood! We understand Cross Border Trade equally as well as UK domestic transactions.

Growth-Finance specialises in all types of Invoice Finance and Cross Border Import/Export “Open Account Trade Finance”, Supply Chain Finance solutions including Purchase Order Finance. Wherever possible, Trade Finance funding is arranged on open account terms and Invoice Finance can be for one single invoice or whole ledgers or a series of regular or irregular transactions. Additionally, we can arrange funding using Letters of Credit (LC’s).

Whether a client needs finance for Export/Import Trade deals where the Factory/Supplier and the Buyer (customer) are both overseas, or for goods coming into the UK as Imports or being sold overseas as Exports, we will find the right solution.  Equally, domestic UK transactions where the supplier will not grant credit terms to their UK customer can also be resolved.

“Our focus is on our client’s cash needs and arranging the most suitable type and structure of finance”

Wherever possible this will mean a new facility to complement existing funding, although sometimes it will be necessary to replace what’s already there with a completely new arrangement.

For Factories/Sellers/Distributors this enables you to increase your sales/trade on Open Account Terms (getting paid at BL/Shipment Date) and for Buyers enjoy Credit on Open Account terms without using any of their existing bank credit lines. For importers there is a “menu” of solutions and for Exporters the latest innovations can be accessed.

Do talk with us and see how we can assist you.